Kahve Dunyasi at London Coffee Festival


Kahve Dunyasi with the mission of pioneering to introduce the Turkish coffee and Turkish culture to the rest of the world in London, Piccadilly Circus since 2011, was proud to be at the London Coffee Festival 2016 which attracted a huge total of 32000 visitors between 7-10 April, 2016.

During the event, Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights was given complimentary to the visitors in Kahve Dunyasi stand as a small taste to introduce the Turkish tradition. Moreover, on Sunday 10th of April, our London business manager Mr. Umut Gunduz  presented a workshop in the "Lab Sessions" of the festival,  -From Istanbul with Love -  that attracted 100s of visitors, telling about the worlds oldest coffee brewing tradition , the story behind, characteristics of, and how to brew the perfect cup of Turkish coffee.